Groin Pain: Why Men Suffer When Hit On Privates?

Being hit on the groin is considered to be the greatest weakness of men. And science explains that groin pain happens because of the alarm signal system that the brain sends throughout our body.

When a man suffers smash on the groin part, a signal is transmitted to the brain at a speed of 265 mph. The signal is sent through a neurotransmitter called Substance P. It tells the brain that something happened in the groin area, and the pain is the alarm which makes the body avoid further damage. You see, pain is helpful here. If pain is not felt, the body will not be aware of an existing danger further damage can be acquired unconsciously – so pain is a necessary reaction to evade or avoid something unhealthy or dangerous for the body. But you might ask, if the hit is in the groin, why is it that the pain goes to the stomach? First, we must understand how this pain works.

When being hit in the groin, aside from the pain alarm, our body’s natural painkiller called endorphins is released which can result to a drop in oxygen levels leading to nausea and headaches. Also, when severe pain is experienced, the inner ear can swell which causes dizziness (our inner ear has something to do with balance which affects dizziness) and can trigger cervical sympathetic ganglia (it simply means too much pain that you might cry) and that what makes a man become a weakling.

Now, why is the pain in the stomach and not on the groins? The testicles actually form in the stomach and then descends to the groin part. It simply implies that the groins are connected to the stomach – and since the larger part of the testicles are behind the abdomen, a hit on the groin can cause extreme pain on the stomach part, The truth is, there is pain at the groins – it’s just that the abdomen pain clouds the pain of the groin itself.

Now men, better take care of that groin part – there lies the ultimate strength and weakness of manhood (though all men know this fact already).